The Best Music Colleges in Texas

There’s nothing more exciting and wonderful than developing your talent and passion for music and taking it to the next collegiate level.
So, when you decide to make your dreams come true and become a music major, your first objective will be finding the right school for you. And the state of Texas offers some of the best institutions in the US for studying music.
Here are some of the best music schools in Texas!

1. Rice University

Any student who wants to get a degree in Music has probably heard of Rice University. Also known as William Marsh Rice University, it is a 500-acre private research university situated in 100 Main St., Houston, Texas. This makes it a great match for learners who flourish in an urban place.
Rice University Shepherd School of Music was built in 1975, and it is one of the youngest music colleges in Texas. However, it provides world-class music education with its bachelor’s program as well as graduate degrees in Music.

2. The University of Texas in Austin

One of the best music colleges in the US is the University of Texas in Austin. It is another great choice. Situated in Austin, Texas, and covering a total of 1,438.5 acres of land, the institution is really large with over 50,000 learners and more than 23,000 faculty and staff.
Their Butler School of Music consists of teachers and mentors in a faculty of extraordinary scholars, and performers, offering a comprehensive array of degree programs from undergraduate degrees to doctoral levels.

3. Southern Methodist University

The Southern Methodist University is positioned between University Park and Highland Park in Dallas, Texas. It is located on 237 acres of land and provides a cozy suburban atmosphere for students.
What was once known as the School of Music in 1917, the Meadows School of the Arts features Music, Dance, Journalism, Theatre, Arts, and more as its area of study. They offer undergraduates as well as excellent graduate programs in music.

4. University of North Texas

The University of North Texas is a public research university located in Denton, Texas. Its setting in a big city provides a great opportunity for students to experience social networking and independence.
The UNTCollege of Music is an institution of international rank and is second in having the largest enrolment of any music institution that’s accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.
Here you will be prepared for a career as a professional educator of music. So expect to learn more about theories and general studies with lots of homework.
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5. Texas Christian University

This private protestant Christian university was built in 1873 and is located in Fort Worth Texas.
This university is an award-winning and nationally recognized institution featuring a talented student body of more than 290 majors and hundreds of non-majors and distinguished faculty.
The university creates a great musical environment where learners grow as educators, artists, and simply individuals.